Victor Stanwick is the graphic designer/artist member of the Fast Smart Web Design team. Victor has been an artist for over forty years and has worked for the largest corporations (IBM, Ernst & Young, Bellcore, etc.), smaller mom-and-pop organizations, and everything in between. Victor started his computer career after serving in the US Navy. He started working as a customer service technician for Datapoint Corporation, maintaining large washing machine-sized disk drives and printers in the Wall Street area of Manhattan. After a few years he went on to become a technical writer and documentation specialist, and started illustrating his own written material. In 1993 Victor and his wife, Susan Fowler (owner and president of Fast Smart Web Design) started creating and maintaining websites for their clients. Victor and Susan focus mainly on non-profits, houses of worship, and small businesses that want world-class websites but can't afford large teams of web designers and coders.

Amazing Grace InterfaithAmazing Grace Interfaith Church

Amazing Grace Interfaith Church is a group of parishioners that meet at St. Simon's Episcopal Church every Sunday morning for worship and fellowship. They were formed in 1997 and are a very diverse group from all walks of life. Fast Smart Web Design maintains the website for this group. This site was not built by us; we maintain and upgrade the site as needed.


Alexandrian Petsitting, Exercising & Training ServiceAlexandrian Pet-sitting, Exercising & Training Service

APETS is a small Staten Island-based company that provides pet care for locals who are planning to be away from home for short periods of time and who do not want to put their pets up in a remote kennel or other location. This is a one-page flexible mobile-friendly site.


Blood Moon ProductionsBlood Moon Productions

Blood Moon Productions is a small publishing house that specializes in Hollywood scandals, gossip, and celebrity tell-all books. We designed and built the website and maintain it on a regular basis. The site is flexible mobile-friendly.


Canterbury House Activity CenterCanterbury House Activity Center

Canterbury House is an assisted living facility located on Bay Street in Staten Island, on the grounds of St. John's Anglican Episcopal Church. The Activity Center is open to anyone, all ages. We designed and built this flexible mobile-friendly site.


Christ Church New BrightonChrist Church New Brighton

Christ Church New Brighton is an Episcopal Church on the north shore of Staten Island. They have an extensive series of outreach programs serving the entire surrounding community. We designed and built the original site in 1997 and have been updating and maintaining it since. This site is updated on at least a weekly basis, sometimes several times a week. This site is flexible mobile-friendly.


Conference House Park ConservancyConference House Park Conservancy

The Conference House Park Conservancy is a 267 acre park on the extreme southern tip of Staten Island. The Conference House is a 17th century stone building where a conference was held between the British and Colonial forces in an attempt to avoid war. We designed and built this flexible mobile-friendly site. We also designed the horseshoe crab logo for the conservancy.


County Tree CareCounty Tree Care

County Tree Care is a small site listing the services of a local tree removal, maintenance, and pruning company. We designed and built the site and perform any necessary maintenance.


Eve LeBer, ArtistEve LeBer, Artist

Eve LeBer is a well-known artist on Staten Island. She has had several shows in various parts of the northeast and her work is very colorful, quirky, and critically well acclaimed. We designed and built this website and perform maintenance and updates whenever needed.


Franciscan Handmaids of the Most Pure Heart of MaryFranciscan Handmaids of the Most Pure Heart of Mary

Originally founded as a black congregation of Roman Catholic Sisters in Savannah, Georgia, today our congregation is composed of sisters of diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds. The membership and ministry of the Franciscan Handmaids of the Most Pure Heart of Mary are open to all peoples. We designed and built this website and perform maintenance whenever needed.


Fast Smart Web Design & Fixit ShopFast Smart Web Design & Fix-it Shop

Something's broken. We'll be able to fix it. We work with HTML sites, blogs, content management systems, and templates. Call us: 917 734-3746. Some customers just need help talking to their hosting sites or designers. Call us if you need help translating your business needs into technical language. We work in 15-minute increments, so if it takes 15 minutes, that's all you'll pay for. For bigger jobs, we'll give you a detailed quote and work with you to ensure that you get what you need.


Worldwide Ferry Safety AssociationWorldwide Ferry Safety Association

The Worldwide Ferry Safety Association is a not-for-profit dedicated to bringing innovation in training methods, as well as use of technology to provide notification for sudden hazardous weather, curb overloading, and enhance marine rescue technology. They encourage innovative new ideas in ferry safety and design. We designed and built this site and perform maintenance and upgrades as needed. We also designed the Worldwide Ferry Safety Association logotype.


Rishmond County Interparish CouncilRichmond County Inter Parish Council

The ten Episcopal Churches of Staten Island are part of the Episcopal Diocese of New York, which is part of the Episcopal Church of the United States. They are a member of the world-wide Anglican Communion, and many of their members hale from Africa, the Caribbean, and other parts of the world. We designed and built this website and we help the site administrator to maintain the site. We also designed the Richmond County IPC logo.


St. John's & House of Bethany Alumni AssociationSt. John's & House of Bethany Alumni Association

The Episcopal High School and Episcopal Elementary School Alumni Association of the USA assists in ensuring that the Episcopal schools in Robertsport, Liberia (Episcopal Elementary, Episcopal High, St. John’s, House of Bethany) are restored to being distinguished educational institutions in Liberia. We deigned and built this website and regularly update and maintain it.


Meals on Wheels of Staten IslandMeals on Wheels of Staten Island

Meals on Wheels of Staten Island, Inc. is leading the effort to make sure the elderly people in our community receive nutritious meals and the human connection they need to help them live independently. We designed and built this website and assist the site administrator in maintenance and upgrades.


Paintings by Naima Rauam. Art in the Morning, Fish in the AfternoonPaintings by Naima Rauam

Naima paints architectural portraits, among many other subjects. Architectural portraits are custom paintings in oil or watercolor, both ideal for capturing the spirit of places we value and remember with fondness. Every building, no matter how ornate or how plain, has its own personality. Naima highlights the distinctive characteristics of a structure and its surroundings. We designed and built this website and we assist Naima in maintaining it.


North River Historic Ship SocietyNorth River Historic Ship Society

The North River Historic Ship Society is devoted to the maritime heritage of New York Harbor, the historic vessels that ply its waters, and the historic sites where many of those vessels are berthed. We designed and built this website and we regularly update and maintain it.


Sal Polisi, WoodcarverSal Polisi, Woodcarver

Wood comes to life under the skilled craftsmanship of sculptor and master woodcarver Sal Polisi. Since 1980, Sal has been creating hand-carved pieces in many types of wood for businesses, homes and vessels. We designed, built, and maintain this website.


Sanctum Lignum WoodworkingSanctum Lignum Woodworking

Sanctum Lignum Woodworking is a small business that specializes in rebuilding, repairing, and creating new woodwork, primarily for houses of worship, but really for anyone who asks. Sanctum Lignum is Latin for sacred wood (Latin purists insist that it should be Lignum Sanctum). We designed, built, ad maintain this responsive, flexible, mobile-friendly site..


Serenade Concert Series at Historic Christ ChurchSerenade Concert Series at Historic Christ Church

Serenade presents internationally known artists and seasoned performers from the New York Metropolitan area who present many styles of classical music: chamber music, opera, song, piano, choral music, organ, instrumental and early music. The concerts are free and held at historic Christ Church New Brighton. We designed, built, and maintain this website.


Staten Island Hunger Task ForceStaten Island Hunger Task Force

The Staten Island Hunger Task Force is a coalition of religious and community groups dedicated to providing food to those that need it. We designed and built this website. We also designed the Hunger Task Force logo.


Staten Island Partnership for Community WellnessStaten Island Partnership for Community Wellness

The Staten Island Partnership for Community Wellness educates the community about substance abuse and healthy lifestyle choices. We designed and built this website. We also designed the SIPCW logo.


the Preservation League of Staten IslandPreservation League of Staten Island

The Preservation League of Staten Island works for the conservation and continued vitality of Staten Island's historic resources. The League was founded in 1977 by a group of community-minded citizens concerned about Staten Island's vanishing historic environment. They sponsor programs about the recognition, care and restoration of historic properties. They also give neighborhood and historic house tours and confer annual awards for outstanding preservation work. Advocating landmark designation for significant sites is a priority. We designed and built this responsive, flexible, mobile-friendly website. We also designed the Preservation League logo.

Tug Pegasus Preservation ProjectTug Pegasus Preservation Project

  • The goal of this project is to restore and preserve the 1907-built Tug Pegasus, a maritime icon whose very existence tells an important story about the history of the Port of New York/New Jersey and to interpret the world around the Tug Pegasus, by bringing the public out into the waterways of the Port. Visiting naturalists, historians, and marine industry personnel teach visitors about the harbor’s value as a rich natural habitat, as a historic waterway that shaped this city’s history, and as a thriving commercial port crucial to today’s economy. We designed and built this website.


Unitarian Church of Staten IslandUnitarian Church of Staten Island

The Unitarian Church of Staten Island is an inviting spiritual community guided by our principles in all that they do. The mission of the Unitarian Church of Staten Island is to open our hearts and home in order to enrich our community, extend ourselves to help make the world a better place, support and nurture people as they search for their own truth, and share the responsibility for sustaining our cherished home. We designed, built, and help to maintain this website.


Voyces Choral GroupVoyces Choral Group

Voyces is an early music ensemble dedicated to the study and performance of Renaissance and Baroque vocal works. We designed, built, and maintain this responsive, flexible, mobile-friendly website. We also designed the Voyces logotype.


John Walsted, IconographerJohn Walsted, Iconographer

John Walsted (1938-2014) was a world-renowned iconographer whose works hangs in Lambeth Palace, the Metropolitan of Moscow's residence, the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, and dozens of churches throughout the world. This website is a retrospective of his life and work. We designed, built, and maintain the site.


Websites 101: Extra Workshop Info BlogWebsites 101: Extra Workshop Info Blog

Websites 101 is a blog site that Fast Smart Web Designs maintains to help answer questions that arise during our regular classes on web design. The site is a WordPress blog. All the information in each blog entry is a detailed answer to a specific question that could not be answered in depth during the class due to time constraints or a need for further research. The graphics in the blog entries are all custom-made my Victor for the site.